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Monday, November 16, 2009


November: What a beautiful month filled with the gorgeous Fall colors, rainy days, cooler nights, less daylight, football winding down, hunting almost over, and of course Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. We are so blessed to have our freedom and live as we do. Thanks to all you veteran's for everything you do to keep us safe and free. Yes, we can complain but that is okay as it's one of our freedoms. Yes, we can pick our religion of choice and we still can practice it as we choose. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Take time to really give thanks for our country, our freedom, our veterans, our family, our religion, and our many blessings from the Lord above. Christmas is fast upon us so why not check out www.designerhandbagsplus.com and purchase that special gift for that special someone. Happy Thanksgiving!